Watch Da L.E.S Address Dissing AKA in “Gucci Snakes,”Hottest Femcee in Mzansi, & More

“Gucci Snakes” rapper has given fellow rapper a “3” rating, stating she fumbled in her relationship with American rapper Vic Mensa.

gave her the rating on a recent appearance on the set of Lasizwe’s  Drink Or Tell The Truth show, which pops on every other week.

The idea behind the show’s name is that guests who don’t want to tell the truth must drink from a supposedly bitter cup the show’s host Lasizwe’s content producer had made.

had earlier appeared on the show. And when asked after how long her relationship with had been, she declared it irrelevant because she and the American had broken up. The split shocked South Africans, who had not seen it coming.

In the interview, he not only rated but other artists as well. He gave a “2” to and a “1” to Rouge, stating she’s the hottest femcee in the game right now and one with whom he’s prepared to hit the studio.

On allegedly dissing his friend on the song “Gucci Snakes,” he dismissed it, stating it was just hip-hop.

You can check out the detailed interview below and share your thoughts.