Watch – Fans Commend DJ Zinhle’s Beauty As She Steps Out In Style, Celebrates 19 AS A DJ

DJ Zinhle’s beauty sporadically pops up online as a subject of discussion, with her fans noting how physically attractive she is and how blessed anyone would be to have her.

Well, she was the centre of attention again after sharing a clip of herself doing what she knows best – deejaying. In the said clip, she could be seen stepping out of her vehicle and sashaying to the decks and turntables, she took over and started belting out music to those who showed up.

The experience was electrifying for most who turned up for the show, as they danced to the music she played. Some attendees even had osculatory moments as the show went on.

However, the centre of attention for most people was DJ Zinhle herself. She had posted in the caption to her video that it’s been 19 years on the beat as a DJ. However, most of her fans were more interested in her physical features, with some of them noting she looked 19 and comely. You can check out the video below.

If the words of her admirers are anything to go by, then she had done a great job of taking care of herself after two kids from two relationships.

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