Watch Kelly Khumalo Speak On Sister & More On Podcast and Chill With Mac G

“The Voice Of Africa” Kelly Khumalo was a guest on Podcast and Chill with Mac G recently and spoke about her life and family, some of them controversial.

For instance, it was recently reported that Kelly Khumalo has made up with her singer sister Zandie. But from her comments during the podcast with Mac G, it appeared the fissure in their relationship is still there.

Mac G had asked her about her relationship status with her sister, and she had answered that she would not waste her time talking about people who add no value to her life. She said she had made the same statement on other platforms previously.

Going forward, according to her, her focus is on herself as an individual and on her career.

Asked about her two kids, she stated that they are growing into interesting individuals. She, however, revealed the relationship between her son and his father is not  a strong one, as the father is practically absent in his son’s life.

She wouldn’t beg him to fulfill his fatherly responsibilities, though. She lacks nothing and wouldn’t go around begging him to do what he ought to do.

You can watch the full interview below.

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