Watch Lvovo & Danger Perform Their Upcoming Single, “Istyle skhuphukile”

Watch this new clip of Lvovo and Danger performing their upcoming song “Istyle skhuphukile” together.

All that we want this weekend is good vibes. Thanks to some of our faves in the music industry, it is all that we’ve been getting. We honestly can’t wait for all they new music we want to drop.

The very talented Lvovo and Danger are preparing to drop their joint album “Sghubu Overdoze” and we know it is going to be massive. Sadly, we wont be able to hear it until about a week from today. In an effort to keep us hyped up for the coming release, they have shared a video of themselves performing a song off the joint project.

They title the song “Istyle skhuphukile”. We must say, this is quite impressive. We honestly can’t wait to hear it in full when it finally drops. Check the song performance out below.

John Jabulani

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