Watch Master KG Living The Life In Lagos, Nigeria

South African singer Master KG is living the life he has always wanted, and he is not afraid to let the world know.

Not long ago, he shared a picture of him in his garage which spots some exotic whips, including a Ferrari. It appears the songster is at it again, but on a different level.

A day ago, on 14 January, on a trip to Nigeria, he had shared a clip of him stepping out of a G Wagon while a chauffeur held the door for him. From the caption to the picture, he appeared to be in the Bode Thomas area of Lagos.

By the way, a day prior, on 13 January, he had shared a clip of him after shopping at a Van Diesel store. The clip showed him dropping his purchases in the boot of a pricey whip. He described it as his first shopping of the year. See the clip below

Master KG is one of the artistes of the moment in South Africa, having gained global attention with “Jerusalema,” a collaborative song with Nomcebo. The song has recorded over 300 million views on YouTube and been endorsed by celebs like the Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo and the American songstress Janet Jackson.

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