Watch Now – A Day In Ghana With Kendrick Lamar Documentary Released

Not long ago, American rapper Kendrick Lamar ignited a frenzy in when he showed up in the Black Star state. While there, he had the opportunity to meet some of the country’s top entertainment figures as well as record a documentary of his stay there.

It’s been a while since his visit, and now there is a documentary about it for the benefit of those who might have missed all he recorded about his trip to the country.

The trip and documentary collaborated with streaming platform Spotify, which also shared critical snaps from the adventure.

Titled A Day In Accra,  the documentary shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been following the American rapper’s musical odyssey, however. Also, the trip marks the very first time he would travel to Ghana. So it made a lot of sense to make a documentary of it all.

The responses have been a mixed bag, however. Some peeps accused the American of using poverty in the West African country as a background. But then his supporters had countered that he would still have been criticised if he had used wealth.

Well, you can check out the documentary below and form whatever thought you like about it.

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