Watch Penuel Address MacG’s Claims Regarding Rob Hersov

In this era of social media, a day hardly passes without one form of drama or the other playing out. This time, though, it has to do with MacG and his claim that Penuel sold out to white monopoly capital and Rob Hersov.

Penuel didn’t wait time fishing out a response. In a clip that’s currently circulating online, he had noted that when it is MacG’s favourites, former president Jacob Zuma and EFF leader Julius Malema, it is okay. But since it involved an unknown person like him, it is a sellout. You can check out the clip below.

MacG’s accusation and the response clip have attracted the attention of many South Africans. One of them claimed that MacG is always complaining about cancel culture while also allying for the cancelling of Penuel.

Some tweeps sided with MacG, of course, noting that he was giving too much airtime to Penuel, which shouldn’t feature at all in whatever he has to say.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if MacG will respond to the Penuel clip or not.

One thing is clear, though. MacG is never shy of controversies. In fact, he appears to relish them a lot — not surprising for one who runs a podcast.

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