Watch Trevor Noah Announce Srprise Departure From The Daily Show

In a move that surprised many of his fans around the world, has announced he’s exiting The Daily Show, which he has hosted for the past seven years.

In a clip shared on the show’s verified Twitter account, the celebrated comedian told the world he was leaving the show. “My time is up,” he announced laconically, provoking a massive sigh of disappointment from those who know him and want him to continue on the show.

He also delved into his experience in the past few years, especially the coronavirus pandemic and its impact. Spending two years in his apartment and not on the road made him realize that there is another aspect of his life that he’d want to explore.

Jon Stewart had previously hosted the show – for an impressive 16 years. However, he left in 2015, and Trevor Noah, who was relatively unknown at the time, was announced as host. In the intervening years, he had lived up to the billing and even taken the show to new heights.

A replacement has not been announced, however. And it’s still unclear who would take over from him.

Amid the news of his exit, the funnyman is reportedly now dating Dua Lipa.

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