What Is An High Value Man/Woman? A Narative Pushed By The Late Kevin Samuels

A look into Kevin Samuels’ narrative of what a high-value man/woman is.

If you know or follow some dating guru and writer Kevin Samuels’ views, then you know how controversial they often were. Sadly, in early May, the Samuels passed on. Rumors of his death first hit social media and were later confirmed by his mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch. She revealed that she learned about his death on social media, saying, “That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified,”

The cause of death has still not been clarified. However, Samuels’ views on dating and relationships still make a lot of buzzes. Some of them have been interpreted on social media as an attack on Black women and have sparked outrage.

Samuels’ views of High-Value Men have sparked conversation all over the world. Some have disputed and contested these views in written articles and shared opinions. According to Daily Mail, the High-Value Man is one “who is authentic, emotionally intelligent and lives his life with “purpose.” It goes on to say that the High-Value Man aims to differentiate themselves in a crowded dating landscape. They achieve this through self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

In his collaboration with rapper, Future, in his music video for “Worst Day,” Samuels suggested that the trend of seeking High-Value Men had reached mainstream influence. To his over one million YouTube Subscribers, the lifestyle coach and podcaster discusses the idea of High-Value Men and reveals why it is a struggle for women to access them. He invited his subscribers to discuss it with him. The sessions have been heavily criticized because his subscribers (primarily men) have been quoted saying women need to be put in their place.

According to Samuels’ a High-Value Man needs a woman who is helpful and sexually available. According to him, women are necessary for reproduction, and men for protection and reproduction. He shared these sentiments in a video published in February 2021 with reference to the Marvel character Thanos. He revealed that women would not have the time to catch up if men disappeared like that.

According to the article, “How pseudo-love guru Kevin Samuels exploits the vulnerability of Black women” by Eartha Hopkins an alumna of The Ohio State University, Samuels claims that with the aid of six core principles, ‘the market’ defines a high-value man. They include;

  • A man’s ability to earn at least $10K monthly
  • Earning $10K Monthly over five years
  • Acceptance from a group of other high-value men
  • Access to a fraternity-like network
  • An accepted prominent position by society
  • The ability to be of use by other high-value men

While describing attractive women, Samuels them based on height, weight, dress size, and physical features. In his opinion, a woman below average (or less than a 10-point average) should lower her expectations of attracting a high-value man. He goes on to advise these women to settle for average or less-than-average men to provide for their personal needs. He believes that they are the only men they will attract.

In one of his viral videos, Samuels compared a Black woman’s physique to former NFL Linebackers Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. He claimed that her weight was a massive disadvantage for companionship. “You’re a running-back size. You could hit the A gap like a motherf**ker. So don’t come up in here talking about what men can and cannot do when they got to accept somebody who could run the power eye.”

In his opinion, a High-Value Woman is not overweight. She is a full 10. This, of course, is in terms of her weight, height, etc. He believes that Black women should follow the lead of white women, and allow their men to explore options of multiple partners.

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