Which Of These Nasty C Collaboration Would You Like To See: Emtee, Rowlene, Gemini Major Or Tellaman?

Which Nasty C collaboration would you want to see; Emtee, Rowlene, Gemini Major or Tellaman?

Tell us, which of these collaborations would you like to see Nasty C on; Emtee, Rowlene, Gemini Major or Tellaman?

Mzansi rapper, Nasty C has an album coming soon. He calls it “Zulu Man With Some Power”, and literally everyone in the country is anticipating it. We aren’t just anticipating it, everyone is wondering about the artists that would be featured on the album.

For one, we know Nigerian Afro Fusion artist and Grammy nominee, Burna Boy will be featured on the album but that’s all we know for now.

So here’s the question, “who out of the aforementioned artists would you want to see featured on the album?“. It is no news that all four acts have once collaborated with Nasty, the biggest being “SMA” which was a collaboration with Rowlene.

We all know that the four acts can pull a weighty musical punch. With Nasty it would be absolute fire. So, pick one.

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