Would You Like Some Of Riky Ricks’s Amagwinya aka Vetkoek?

Riky Rick is making Amagwinya aka Vetkoek

Let us know if you would like some of Riky Rick’s Amagwinya aka Vetkoek.

Everyone in Mzansi right now is making the most of the free time we have all been given. That we all have been subjected to staying indoors for a really long time doesn’t mean we can’t busy ourselves doing some of the things we’ve always wanted to do.

While other Mzansi rappers are feuding, playing video games and flooding the airwaves with new music, Riky Rick is learning new things. We would definitely love to be stuck in house with him at a time as this. The rapper took to Instagram to share a video of himself making Amagwinya aka Vetkoek.

He revealed he recently figured out how to make them. You should definitely see the finished batch, it is absolutely mouthwatering. He revealed that Major League told him to make Umqombothi but he doesn’t want to police knocking on his door.

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