WWE Legend Scott Hall Dead at 63

A sad pall has enveloped the world of worldwide wrestling, as one of the sport’s legendary names, Scott Hall, dies. He was 63.

Worldwide Entertainment (WWE) announced the professional wrestler’s passing in a tweet on Monday (yesterday).

According to the body, it is saddened by Scott Hall’s passing. It concluded the tweet by extending its condolences to the family, friends, and fans of the deceased.

Known professionally as “Razor Ramon,” Hall’s interest in the sport was pretty deep. He wrestled for several organizations and then joined the World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

A year after, in 1992, he joined the WWE, winning the intercontinental championship belt four times.

While he stood out for several matches, among his most memorable appear to be his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X Summer Slam in 1995. Interestingly, a year after that match, in 1996, he would rejoin the WCW and fight under his real name alongside several legends, including the white-mustachioed Hulk Hoga.

The announcement of Hall’s death has not only provoked mourning among his fans, but it’s also spawned memories of his wrestling encounters, with some fans sharing clips of him in the ring in his heydays.

Hall will be sorely missed for his contributions to the sport.

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