Xzibit & Dr. Dre Working On New Music

Xzibit & Dr Dre are working on new music together

New video shows old time pals, Xzibit and Dr Dre working on new music together.

We can’t deny, this new info makes us feel really good. Every fan of Hip Hop would love this one very much. Although, Dre and Xzibit haven’t been consistent in releasing new music lately, we are really expecting to hear what they come up with together.

We have no doubt that it would be Hip Hop and rap music at its best. A recent video shared by X shows them working in the studio together. Also tagged to the video are, B-Real and Demrick who are known to work with Dre. All three producers are reported to be working together on X’s upcoming project “Serial Killers” together.

The instrumental of the new song was created by X’s longtime collaborator, Rick Rock. We really can’t wait to hear what they come up with. It will definitely be huge.

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