You Promised To Marry Me: Mzansi Praise Moshe Nkumanda-Ndiki For Brilliant His Presenting Skills

Moshe Nkumanda-Ndiki has earned the praise of South Africans after a brilliant outing on the set of the reality show, You Promised to Marry Me.

The show details the lives of couples and why they didn’t go ahead to marry those they had promised marriage to. So far, Moshe Nkumanda-Ndiki has been handling things expertly. And fans are chuffed.

Interestingly, when You Promised To Marry Me was announced, many in were upset. This class of fans was expecting a new season of Jub Jub’s show, instead, You Promised To Marry Me was announced in its place.

With his brilliant outing on You Promised To Marry me, which has got fans hooked, Moshe Nkumanda-Ndiki has shown that he’s up to the task before him. Most peeps who followed the show had taken to to celebrate Moshe for his “brilliant” outing.

By the way, recently joked that he’d been bewitched. According to him, in his dream, someone had served him his favorite meats and he had consumed them all.

At least fans are happy that his dreamland encounter didn’t cause him to flop during the presentation of You Promised To Marry Me. You can check out some reactions below

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