YoungstaCPT On Why He Gave His 2019 SA Hip Hop Award To His Grandfather

Ever wondered why YoungstaCPT gave his 2019 South Africa Hip Hop award (for the album “3T”) to his grandfather? Well, he’s just revealed that.

A day ago, a fan who just cannot get over “3T” had tweeted that YoungstaCPT’s grandfather literally made the album and therefore deserves an award. The fan also declaimed his love for the stories in the album and hw they were told.

In response to the fan, YoungstaCPT revealed that he actually gave his grandfather the award he won with the album, for the reason the fan applauded him (his grandfather). You can check out the conversation between them below.

“3T” actually means “Things Take Time” and details some beautiful stories anyone who has truly lived can relate with. It is readily YoungstaCPT’s finest project to date.

The years have passed and the South African hip hop artiste has treated South Africa to other works. Just recently, he joined Shane Eagle on a new hip hop tune titled “Ammo.” And ammo it was, against boredom. The song is still buzzing in South Africa.

But the, fans are still urging YoungstaCPT to drop a number of his own. Until the number drops, stay tuned for updates. Way to go!

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