YouTube Introduces Data Saving Features

A major complaint some people have about youtube is that it is a data guzzler. YouTube appeared to have acknowledged the problem by creating measures to save data.

Today, Friday, 25 November 2022, the video-streaming platform announced three data-saving features that will enable users to do more for less data. With the new features, YouTube users now have control over how their data is used on the app.

The three features YouTube just introduced are data reminder, data saving settings, and video preview & quality picker.

  • Data Reminder: as the name implies, the feature alerts YouTube users to how much data they have used. This will empower them to know when they are about to reach the data limit they may have set for the app.
  • Data Saving Setting: The data saving settings allow users to adjust video and download quality which might lead to faster load times for videos and save data as well.
  • Video Preview And Quality Picker: This enables users to preview a video without really watching it to an end. This gives them the chance to know whether they want to stream to the end or download the video. They can also pick the video quality that suits them to save data.

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