Yung Swiss Takes Credits For Transforming South African Hip Hop Scene

Yung Swiss believes that he changed the hip hip scene in South Africa.

South African rapper, Yung Swiss, is of the opinion that he has transformed South Africa’s hip hop scene in a massive way. After being silent for almost a year, the rapper announces that he will be returning to the music scene. He stated that his first project, Bottom Change, transformed the entire generation.

Steve Dang, popularly known as reminded his fans that his music had a great effect on the hip hop scene in South Africa. The rapper stated that he has the right to proudly his achievements because of the transformation he made in the hip hop scene as his first project, Bottom Baby, inspired an entire generation.


My 1st project “Bottom Baby” inspired a whole generation & “Mayo” Started a whole new wave of Hip Hop in S.A. I earned my bragging rights a long time ago lol we just keep it moving where I’m from.

also bragged about his track, ‘David Genaro’:

Man.. that ‘David Genaro’ joint still trending today after so many years. That’s insane! Ima just call my music timeless and leave it at that.

made his breakthrough in 2015, following the release of the single, ‘David Genaro.’ He had released it as a tribute to Jamie Bartlett, the veteran actor who played the role as a puppet master, ‘David Genaro.’ Jamie Bartlett’s role was in Rhythm City, a famous local drama series.

David Genaro aired multiple times while Rhythm City was been aired on television.

has also released hit songs such as ‘The High’ and the popular ‘Mayo,’ a freestyle of DJ Speedsta’s single.

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