Zakes Bantwini’s Love Light And Music Instagram Live Session Interrupted By Neighbors

Zakes Bantwini's Love Light And Music Instagram Live Session Interrupted Gets By Neighbors

Zakes Bantwini’s “Love, Light And Music Instagram Live Session” gets interrupted by his neighbors.

What’s more irritating, not hearing your favourite artist perform for a while or them being interrupted during a performance? Well, those scenarios are quite irritating especially if it’s an artist you love to hear at all times.

While SA is on a nationwide lockdown, many continue to find new ways to ease the boredom of doing practically nothing. Mzansi artist, Zakes Bantwini, while trying to keep his fans entertained, announced an Instagram and Facebook live session.

He called it the “Love, Light And Music Live Session” and announced that it would be broadcast via his Instagram and Facebook accounts on Sunday afternoon. However, the session had to be cut short after his neighbors complained about it.

Don’t feel bad yet, the talented star revealed that he would hold a second one on Sunday by 3PM. Hope you’ll be tuning in.

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