Zakwe Pleads For His 2-Years-Old Cebisa Album To Go Gold

Zakwe asks for assistance so his Cebisa album can go Gold

Zakwe pleads for help to get his 2-year-old album, Cebisa to reach the Gold status.

It isn’t everyday that we see an Mzansi rapper pleading with fans to help him hit the Gold status. In fact, that’s usually rare. But Zakwe is doing it, and he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.

The talented emcee recently took to his Twitter account to plead with his fans to help him out with it. The Cebisa album was released back in 2018 but he still believes it can reach the Gold status. He asked fans to help him “in making history” by carrying on with buying and streaming the album.

It might surprise you to hear that the Mzansi star has been around for a while but has never had a Gold album. Of course, he’s one of the most respected rappers in the SA Hip-hop industry. It would definitely be a great thing to see him achieve this.

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