Zingah Shares Excitement over the Week’s Song Output

Zingah is one busy muso, and it shows in his output. While the coronavirus pandemic has slowed the output of some musicians out there, Zingah has been feverishly active in the studio.

The result has been splendid and it was inevitable Zingah should share his studio progress with fans. The “FYF” rapper recently took to his Twitter handle to inform fans of the progress he has made within a week.

The progress has been crazy, according to him, and he is in awe of how much he has been able to accomplish in a short time. In a week, according to him, he was able to record 9 songs. His tweet elicited mostly positive feedback.

Should fans look forward to a new body of work? Perhaps so. For now, you can vibe with the songster’s other songs here on UbeToo and keep looking out the window of positivity. More is to come from the singer.

The past songs from his kitty are pretty good, so why wouldn’t one expect something better. Stay tuned for more bangers from Zingah. He appears to be “On A Different” plane right now, a plane all his own.

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