Zoleka Mandela Shares Grim Update About Her Cancer Journey

In keeping with the promise she made when she was diagnosed with cancer, Zoleka Mandela recently gave more insights about her cancer treatment. Sadly, the current news was grim. Because of this, she was hesitant to share it with her fans at first.

But she already made a promise to them, so she went ahead and shared the news with them. According to Zoleka, her doctors have found a new tumour in her brain. The tumour made her pass out at some point and she had to be revived.

The news of her current situation provoked a wave of sympathy from many of her social media fans and followers, some of whom informed her that they were praying for her and wishing her divine healing and recovery.

It has been a hard run for Zoleka since she was diagnosed with cancer. It was like having a lance thrust into one’s chest, After the initial terror and listlessness, she had accepted that indeed she is down with cancer. And she has been fighting bravely ever since, sharing her story on social media.

To her credit, her story y is beginning to serve as motivation for others. And even she herself is receiving massive love from members of the public.

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