Mr Thela – Tronics Land Series 2 Album Review

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Mr Thela – Tronics Land Series 2 Album Review

You would agree that Mr Thela set out to change the game with the release of his latest album, “Tronics Land Series 2.” Through the years, we have watched the talented DJ and producer grow to be one of the best names championing the success of the Gqom scene.

Each year, Mr Thela gives fans a reason to smile with the music he drops. He never shoots to miss. The famous muso always scores. Thela’s relationship with Mshayi has also birthed a lot of great music, which first helped him gain massive attention. Their ventures have also led to the prominence of other artists and DJs on the Gqom scene.

Last year, Mr Thela blessed the airwaves with the album “Tronics Land Series 1,” the feedback was incredible. The project housed 15 tracks and only featured a few artists, including Mel Bacela, Betusile Mcinga, Rhass, Boss Nhani, Dacardo, and Assiye Bongzin. They all did a great job on the project.

Returning to the scene this time, Mr Thela aims to do way better than he did with the first installment of the album. With the feedback he’s been getting since the album dropped, there is no doubt that he is already halfway there.

Cover Art

“Tronics Land Series 2” Cover Art

Most DJs and artists aren’t that much bothered about their project cover art, but some put a lot of thought into it. We wouldn’t know where to classify Mr Thela, but we can all agree that his covers always work. His last album featured a photo of him in dark shades that spelled out his name. Some would argue that it was a dark cover.

This time, he spruced things up with a much more fun image. He still wears dark shades, without his name spelled out, of course. But the background of the photo has palm trees, the skies, and hills. It looks like a dream vacation party. It’s a huge step up from the last cover.

Mr Thela’s new project, “Tronics Land Series 2,” was preceded by a few singles that have been well received by fans. They include “Thunderstorm,” which reigns as the most popular track on the album, “Wetsalang Remake,” and “Sun El Style,” which is also very popular. Since the album dropped, several tracks have become fan favorites. They include “Kwandonga Ziyaduma” featuring Njelic, “Strings Of Life,” “Ntinga Ntaka Remake” featuring SUPTA, Thalitha & Obie, and “Khaya Lam.” All the tracks on the album have been doing really well.

Tracklist & Features

The first installment of the “Tronics Land Series,” which was released in November 2022, housed a total of 15 tracks. It also featured only six guest contributors. However, the new “Tronics Land Series 2” is just one track longer and features more contributors. The album houses 16 tracks and features contributions from eight impressive talents, including SUPTA, Thalitha, Obie, Njelic, Leehleza, Kammu Dee, Static, and Mshayi. They all did a fantastic job on the album. We also love the fact that the album isn’t driven by its features. That has never been the case for Mr Thela, who always does his thing how he knows best.


Track NumberTitleFeaturing ArtistsDuration
1Khaya Lam6:08
2Ntinga Ntaka RemakeSupta, Thalitha & Obie6:54
3Strings Of Life7:40
4Kwandonga ZiyadumaNjelic7:16
10Wetsalang Remake6:11
11Thela WayekaLeehleza & Kammu Dee6:14
12Trip To UK7:06
14Fallo CardiacoStatic6:52
15Sun El Style6:08
16Silent KillerMshayi5:38



Mr Thela released the new “Tronics Land Series 2” precisely one year after the first one dropped. It must have been strategic for the star to give fans a new installment one year later. He has also dominated the Gqom scene with his music. Mr Thela now reigns as one of the most prominent DJs representing Gqom. He has scored a few mild hits this year, and the new album houses more to give him an even better year before 2023 passes on. You might want to check the project out this week.