Nasty C’s Lost Files Visual EP Is A Personal Gift To Fans

Nasty C's #LostFilesVisualEP is his personal gift to fans

Nasty C’s brand new #LostFilesVisualEP is a personal gift from him to his fans.

Remember when we said that Nasty C had huge plans for the year? We only thought it would involve his highly anticipated album “Zulu Man With Some Power”, but it’s clear now that it is way more than that. The “Jungle” rapper just blew a lot of minds with his newest musical offering “The Lost Files Visual EP”.

Truly, no one saw this coming. But we are all grateful for it. The recent EP features a total of 9 songs which were mostly unreleased songs that didn’t make the cut to some of his released albums, or incomplete ones.

The Lost Files EP was brought about courtesy of CastleLite Unlocks on the Live Show “In Bed With Sway Calloway”. It featured Nasty performing each of the songs off the visual EP one after the other and telling the story of how they came about. We wonder how much more personal that could be.


Before performing this, he revealed it is one of the most personal tracks he’s written. He also revealed the song was recorded way before the “Strings & Bling” album was created and so wasn’t really a shoo-in to make the cut. It features him singing about a girl walking out on a relationship with him. He tells her to let it be forever.


Africa’s coolest kid reveals that this track was produced by NO I.D (who he says gave him the beat). It is one of the songs didn’t make it into “Zulu Man With Some Power“. He also reveals it was recorded in LA. It sees him talk about being haunting by the fact that he broke someone’s heart. He goes on to apologise for it.


Just as the title says, this was the initial version of the song “Blisters” before the one featured on the “Strings & Bling” album was recorded. At the start of the song, Nasty sings about talking to God like his brother and being told he’s been given all he needs by Him.


This was written a few years back but he never got to finish it. According to him, Pearl has never even heard it. He said he wrote it for her because she’s always shown him love right room the beginning but gets dragged by people for no reason. It is sort of an inspiring song.


This is the first song Nasty performed on the Visual EP. It features him talking about the things he’s lost, friends, and so on. It is quite the emotional track because we all can relate to it. He talks about looking the part, and not being able to hide that he’s lost.


This is certainly the perfect song to close out the EP. It talks about being loved by someone even with his flaws and all. This is one of those honest songs that sees the rapper bare his heart about not deserving someone’s love because of how he is.


According to him, the song was written when he was passing through a lot. It was initially meant to be on the “Bad Hair” album but didn’t make the cut. It features him talking about a girl’s poor relationship with her mother who he says is lucky she wasn’t aborted.


This is quite the eye-opener when it comes to achieving success. In his own words “it is about a person that makes it and doesn’t really go back home“. He reveals he still has no idea who he wrote it for but it sounds like quite the emotional track because it proves success can take us away from the people we love.


He reveals this was an interlude he recorded but didn’t know exactly where to put it. This is one of those short songs that talk about feeling lethargic. He talks about doing so much to feel different but he still feels the same.

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