Audiomarc – Jack Parrow Cap Ft. CrownedYung

A lot comes to mind listening to Audiomarc’s “Jack Parrow Cap,” a collaborative work with CrownedYung. And you’re about to find out – on your own, maybe.

“Jack Parrow Cap” is one of the songs in Audiomarc’s recently released “Trap Addict” album, which has the likes of Nasty C, JonFxrgo, CrownedYung, Skhindi, Pdogg Amazing, Case-Klowzed, Tellaman, Golden Black, Lanzeey, and Blxckie as guests.

The compilation showed a man enamored of trap and keen the world should know of that love relationship.

It’s easy to point to “Jack Parrow Cap” as one of the memorable tracks in that compilation – a song that brings together two fiercely complementary artistes who stopped at nothing to give the listener a good time.

The guest artiste CrownedYung is still young – not only in age but in his musical odyssey. But he already has a crown on his head. This much is obvious from his oeuvre as well as the works he’s been featured on – including this one.

“Jack Parrow Cap” is a song for those who love a good story as well as a good time. If you should think yourself among those, then welcome to the scorching world of a rap winner. No qualms.

Audiomarc – Jack Parrow Cap Ft. CrownedYung

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