Abidoza – Phola Album

Abidoza – Phola Album

It is time for an amapiano break with Abidoza leading the charge with a new album dubbed “Phola,” which you can stream here and now. This project is the culmination of weeks of record, and the result is agreeable. Yes.

Amapiano is the in-thing in South Africa, so dominant, in fact, that it has been “stealing” artists from other genres into its fold. Abidoza happens to be one of those pushing the amapiano message. He has been pretty consistent with his lyrical advocacy.

He continues that with his “Phola” album, which snaps attention from the very first track, “Free Your Mind,” a number without guests, and continues to the end of the project. In all, this compilation bears 20 tracks. Amapiano artists are known to “load up on” the numbers, so the hefty offering should surprise no one.

Abidoza worked with several interesting names, including MaWhoo, Makhanj, Just Aubrey, PlayNevig, Faith Strings, Happy Jazzman and Phemelo Saxer. From listening to the songs, it is easy to see that the artists are mutually complementary. The result is an album that will get secure spots on the playlists of many music lovers out there.

The weekend is almost upon us and certainly no better time to go “Phola” with Abidoza

Phola Album


  1. Abidoza – Free Your Mind
  2. Abidoza – Ingaba Nguye (feat. Mawhoo, Makhanj & Just Aubrey)
  3. Abidoza – Good Times (feat. Dr Moruti, Playnevig & Dee Cee)
  4. Abidoza – One of Those Days (feat. Faith Strings, Happy Jazzman & Phemelo Saxer)
  5. Abidoza – Time Together (feat. Mhaw Keys & Zwayetoven)
  6. Abidoza – Don’t Wanna Love You (feat. Xenia Manasseh & Jay Sax)
  7. Abidoza – Beautiful We Are (feat. KB Motsilanyane)
  8. Abidoza – Judith Sephuma Lerato La Pelo Yaka (feat. Phemelo Saxer, Happy Jazzman & Faith Strings)
  9. Abidoza – Ngizo Phola (feat. Makhanj & Happy Jazzman)
  10. Abidoza – Ipeleng
  11. Abidoza – Ngifuna Wena (feat. Notha Shota, Happy Jazzman)
  12. Abidoza – 8 Miles Away (feat. Happy Jazzman, Phemelo Saxer & Faith Strings)
  13. Abidoza – Feel Good (feat. KJMCornetist & Tumza Dkota)
  14. Abidoza – Vrostan (feat. Xavi Yentin, Kandybeats & Dinho)
  15. Abidoza – Forever (feat. Komplexity)
  16. Abidoza – Late That Night (Tribute to Dukesoul) (feat. Jay Sax)
  17. Abidoza – Bavumile (feat. Berita & Phila Dlozi)
  18. Abidoza – Sweet Love (feat. Royalty, Tumza Dkota, J Logic & Playnevig)
  19. Abidoza – African Prayer (feat. Lahv, Artwork Sounds, Brian Moshesh, Tumza Dkota)
  20. Abidoza – Phakamisa (feat. Leandra Vert, Makhanj, TNK Musiq & Rams De Violinist)
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