Aubrey Qwana – Tshitshi Lami

South African musician Aubrey Qwana is determined we should have an Afropop break, and he certainly got our attention with his “Tshitshi Lami” track, which you can stream here on UbeToo, Mzansi’s premier music hub.

The songster has been pretty consistent ever since he popped into the music scene. And although he is not the artist grabbing the headlines out there, Aubrey Qwana is still pretty confident in his gift and focused on being a better version of himself each day. Sounds like the way to go for any artist worth the playtime.

“Tshitshi Lami” is highly relatable, a song with a commemorative note to it. You just can’t go wrong deciding to listen to this track. So why not check it out right away and let it do to you what it will do to you? Best believe you are in for a splendid musical experience.

That’s a wrap, peeps. Let the music begin.

Tshitshi Lami

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