Bean$ & CrownedYung – Bankroll

Bean$ & CrownedYung “Bankroll” good vibes in a new collaborative jam which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music and entertainment destination.

Bean$ is the bloke also called Bean SA or Bean RSA. Either way, he’s one entertainer you wouldn’t mind hearing right now.

“Bankroll” is a high-energy jam and one we think will not lack for fans. To listen to the number is to be energized and to remain that way for a long time, too.

Looking back, one may as well day the wait for the song has been worth it. Prior to the drop, the two pals had shared the cover art, as well as images of themselves, bidding fans look forward to the joint.

It is here now, and the sheer force of it will ignite many gatherings out there. While we count the song the very first we have heard from the two artistes so far this month, we also admit it’s one good to look forward to another collaborative single – or project – from them.

The guest artiste had apparently picked his stage name from an understanding of his place in South African music and what he can do in the dame space.

Bean$ & CrownedYung – Bankroll

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