Benny Afroe – Do It Right Ft. Pabi Cooper

Some peeps surely know how to give the middle finger to peddlers of rumors and people who just don’t wish them well. You may count and Pabi Copper in the middle finger givers if you please.

With words flying across Mzansi that the two of them are no longer an item, have broken up, and are doing things differently, the couple has shared slides on that discountenanced the breakup rumors.

One of the slides showed them all loved up. Another was a teaser of the love song they have just released. And yet another showed the cover art.

is your loverboy or a semblance of it. Ad he’s got a message for other lover boys out there. Don’t just love her. Be real and “Do it Right.”

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and one may as well describe the message as timely. Coming from two individuals who appear hopelessly in love, the message is all the more inviting.

You may take it from us, though: “Do it Right” is not your usual Valentine song. It’s a song of royal appeal and ought to be on the lips of anyone who values the letters of love. Come on, “Do it Right”!

Benny Afroe & Pabi Cooper – Do It Right

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