Chronical Deep – Light Album

Talented House music DJ and producer Chronical Deep is brightening up the airwaves as he releases a new album titled “Light.”

The man Chronical Deep is a visionary. You may have figured it out listening to his music. He brings his thoughts to life through the music. The talented DJ is back on the scene with a new project.

He first appeared on the scene with “Xola Moya,” a collaboration with Artwork Sounds and Sia Mzizi. The song was well received, of course. He later returned with the song “Strings Of My Guitar” featuring Kali Mija. They were fantastic collaborators on the song.

Chronical Deep is back now with the album “Light.” The project houses eleven tracks and features contributions from Don Scott and Kali Mija. They both did not disappoint. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Light Album


  1. Light (Intro)
  2. Baba Vuk
  3. Africana ft. Don Scott
  4. First Love
  5. Take Over
  6. Wake Them Up (Siyo’bavusa)
  7. Strings of My Guitar ft. Kali Mija
  8. Strings of My Guitar (Radio Edit) ft. Kali Mija
  9. Let’s Go Deep
  10. Tambootie
  11. Children of Israel

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