Combo M, MrNationThingz & Cuba Beats – Hotspot Ft. Sickoo, Rockess, DJ Sicky & Ndodana

Combo M, MrNationThingz and Cuba Beats premiere a “Hotspot” of good vibes in a new tune which you can stream here on UbeToo, Your go-to place for all this South African music and entertainment. The number has Sickoo, Rockess, DJ Sicky & Ndodana as guests.

A full house you have here, and although we are not exactly fans of crowded numbers, we readily make concessions for what they have put together. The song is a pleasure to the ears and should engage many music lovers out there.

“Hotspot” has party energy to it, so you shouldn’t rule it out as something to get the party started and sustain it throughout.

Combo M, MrNationThingz, Cuba Beats, Sickoo, Rockess, DJ Sicky and Ndodana are no serial collaborators – in fact, this is the first time all of them are on the same song – but they have done some magic here, and we expect fans to expect more of them.


File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music