Danya Devs – Inkosi Yoshuni Album

Danya Devs kicks off his solo journey with a new album titled “Inkosi Yoshuni.”

Blaq Diamond remains one of the biggest duos in the country and Africa. They have commissioned some of the biggest hits on the airwaves. It won’t be a shocker if they decide to go on solo journeys.

That seems to be the case as Danya Devs decides to do something different. The talented singer has always been one to mess around with several genres. He hinted at a forthcoming album a while ago. We are glad to see he has released it.

The new album is titled “Inkosi Yoshuni.” The album houses 13 tracks and features three of the best talents in the SA music scene. They include Sjava, Wave Rhyder, and Malome Vector. Together, they did a great job on it. Check the songs out below to listen. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this week.

Inkosi Yoshuni Album


  1. Danya Devs – Zulu ft. Sjava
  2. Danya Devs – Inkosi Yoshuni
  3. Danya Devs – iFigure
  4. Danya Devs – Magwala ft. Wave Rhyder
  5. Danya Devs – Thambo Lami
  6. Danya Devs – Thembe Kuwe ft. Rebecca Malope
  7. Danya Devs – Ebhuthini ft. Wave Rhyder
  8. Danya Devs – Bafwethu
  9. Danya Devs – Thando Lwethu
  10. Danya Devs – Manilele ft. Malome Vector
  11. Danya Devs – Amaplans
  12. Danya Devs – Gautrain
  13. Danya Devs – Ubuhle Bakhe

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