DJ Clen – Viral Album

DJ Clen – Viral Album

DJ Clen is earning massive praise for his latest album, “Viral.”

Fans have waited a long time for an SA Hip Hop album that hits the spot. When DJ Clen announced the “Viral” album, everyone expected him to do a great job with it. The album is out now, and only positive reviews have poured in from fans.

The new album featured the likes of A-Reece, Jay Jody, Blxckie, Marcus Harvey, Loatinover Pounds, Buzzi Lee, and many more. DJ Clen also made sure he gave honour to everyone who deserved it. Taking to Twitter, he showed love to the people who helped put the album together, including A-Reece, Revenge Club Records, and Loatinover Pounds.


  1. DJ Clen – Viral ft Jay Jody
  2. DJ Clen – The Way It Goes ft Jay Jody, A-Reece & Blxckie
  3. DJ Clen – With You ft Una Rams & Kly
  4. DJ Clen – Wrote The Book ft L-Tido, Jay Jody & A-Reece
  5. DJ Clen – Tony’S Scar ft Touchine & Ginger Trill
  6. DJ Clen – Shark Attack ft Loatinover Pounds & Buzzi Lee
  7. DJ Clen – Get Close ft Tony X, Kaydence & Blaklez
  8. DJ Clen – Loose Ends ft Mpj & K-Rev
  9. DJ Clen – Shining ft M-Pao, Buzzi Lee & Imp Da Don
  10. DJ Clen – Flight Squad ft Jay Jody, Slim Dumpie & Blaklez
  11. DJ Clen – Members Only ft Pdot O & Maggz
  12. DJ Clen – Rollin’ ft A-Reece, Jay Jody & Marcus Harvey
  13. DJ Clen – Billi ft Av Raincandy & Astryd Brown
  14. DJ Clen – Problemz ft A-Reece, Frank Casino & Loatinover Pounds

He wrote, “VIRAL album by myself Executive Produced by: @reece_youngking. Artwork by @LoatinoverPound,” Everyone has called the album the best SA Hip Hop project of the year. Some even say he is slowly replacing DJ Khaled. That’s dope.

Viral Album

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