Dwson – In Her Eyes EP

It is back to the music for South African producer Dwson as he treats fans to a new offering dubbed ”In Her Eyes,” which you can stream here and now.

A lot comes to mind from just looking at the title alone, but does that clue the audience in on what the songs are all about? Well, we would leave that for you to find out. We can only say that this lean compilation is worth the playtime.

The body of work is lean in the sense that it bears just four tracks beginning with an eponymous track and ending with “Nights On The Floor (Original Mix).” Tucked between noth are numbers like “Peta (Original Mix)” and “Tormented Soul (Original Mix).”

”In Her Eyes” tells a story on many levels and that just might turn out a mirror on the musician’s life and on the lives of others out there.

In Her Eyes EP


  • Dwson – In Her Eyes (Original Mix)
  • Dwson – Peta (Original Mix)
  • Dwson – Tormented Soul (Original Mix)
  • Dwson – Nights On The Floor (Original Mix)
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