Freddy K & Djy Biza – Never Knew

Freddy K & Djy Biza Unveil "Never Knew"

On October 26, 2023, the dynamic South African duo, Freddy K and Djy Biza, graced the music scene with their latest track “Never Knew”. This release has been described as an exclusive track, showcasing the combined talents of both artists. Fans and music enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated this collaboration, and the song has already started to resonate with many.

The official audio of “Never Knew” by Freddy K and Djy Biza has been made available on YouTube, allowing fans to stream and immerse themselves in the melodious vibes of the track. The song’s presence on the platform indicates its growing popularity and the potential for it to become a chart-topping hit.

Various online platforms have featured “Never Knew”, emphasizing its significance in the contemporary music landscape. The song’s blend of rhythms and lyrics reflects the artists’ dedication to delivering high-quality music to their audience.

Never Knew

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