KayGee The Vibe & Pronic DeMuziq – Sgubu Se Monate EP

KayGee The Vibe Links With Pronic DeMuziq For 3 Track EP ‘Sgubu Se Monate’

KayGee The Vibe And Pronic DeMuziq, are thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated joint EP, “Sgubu Se Monate:”

This collaborative project brings together the best of both talents and features outstanding contributions from notable artists such as Njelic and Lash T.”Sgubu Se Monate” is a vibrant fusion of soulful Amapiano, Scija, and Barcadi, with their unique blend of musical styles.

KayGee The Vibe and Pronic DeMuziq wanted to create something that not only resonates with their fans but also showcases the evolution of Amapiano.

They believe this EP will bring Joy and Energy to the dance floors across the World.The EP embodies the Core culture of Dance, Party, and Lifestyle and celebrates the joyous spirit of the Amapiano movement. The sound is unique, and expressive and spreads joy.

Sgubu Se Monate EP


  1. KayGee The Vibe & Pronic DeMuziq – Knight Rider (feat. Njelic)
  2. KayGee The Vibe & Pronic DeMuziq – Sguba Se Monate
  3. KayGee The Vibe & Pronic DeMuziq – Washa (Barcadi Feel) (feat. Lash T)


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