King Khustah – Captain EP

South African music producer King Khustah affirms his creative power with a new offering dubbed “Captain” EP, which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

“Captain” EP is a lean compilation of just six tracks. But you are mistaken if you assume it ends there. It is actually a potent compilation with messages for everyone, whether they are fanatics of his sound or not. Yup.

The compilation begins with “Captain Sound” and ends with “Technical Error.” Between those are numbers like “uPoison,” “Mechanic” and two others. The songster was pretty ambitious in his choices as well, ensuring that he had guests in all the songs, The reason for this is unclear.

But that’s about it. The compilation is still worth the playtime. So you can go ahead and vibe with it for all it is worth. Let the music begin, peeps.

Captain EP


  1. King Khustah & Myy Gerald – Captain Sound
  2. King Khustah ft Slow P, Arty De DJ & Mr Tdep – Number Se7en
  3. King Khustah ft Dubillion, Slow P, DJ Ally T & Arty De DJ – uPoison
  4. King Khustah & Gelesto ft Arty De DJ, Pee-shady & VATO – Mechanic
  5. King Khustah & DJ Ally T ft Paballo, Slow P, Spux & Mr Tdep – Thana Wosh
  6. King Khustah ft DJ Philani – Technical Error
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