Mapara A Jazz & Zanda Zakuza – Ngikuthanda Unjalo ft. Kymolic & Malungelo

Amapiano duo Mapara A Jazz has teamed up with Zanda Zakuza and released a new song titled “Ngikuthanda Unjalo,” featuring contributions from Kymolic and Malungelo.

The SA music scene has been killing it all year. Mapara A Jazz has contributed a lot of great songs to the airwaves this year. The duo is back with another entry. They recently teamed up with 1st Lady K and released “Jwalankie.”

The duo also joined forces with DJ Obza and released “Shiwelele,” featuring contributions from Airburn Sounds. They recruited the talents of GpG Wa Pitori and D-Reality Kings to feature in the song “Dibhiri.”

Mapara A Jazz is back with a new collab titled “Ngikuthanda Unjalo.” He teamed up with Zanda Zakuza to make it happen and featured Kymolic and Malungelo in the song. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice this week.

Ngikuthanda Unjalo

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