Mdu aka TRP & Bongza – Confessions Ft. Nicole Elocin

It is “Confessions” time for South African musicians Mdu aka TRP and Bongza and their pal and associate Nicole Elocin. The first two are the lead singers in the song mentioned earlier.

And no, there’s nothing novel about the two artists linking. In fact, at this point in their careers, they’re already famous for their collaborations. So the song in review may be taken as a reunion of sorts.

And like in previous collaborations, they show that they are pretty good as a team and it wouldn’t hurt to look out for more numbers from them, beyond the present.

“Confessions” is a song for the alert or those prepared to let the powers of music take over them. This potent offering can speak to just about any audience out there. So you only have to be willing to open your mind to that song to experience its power in full.

The guest artiste Nicole Elocin, one of the associates of the Scorpion Kings DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, popped on “Confessions” as a fine complement. In all you have three artists and a song worth taking seriously. Go ahead, then, and savour the song for all it’s worth. Do.

Mdu aka TRP & Bongza – Confessions Ft. Nicole Elocin

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