Megadrumz & Aymos – Vukani

Megadrumz & Aymos – Vukani

The popular Piano duo Megadrumz is back with a new song titled “Vukani,” a collaboration with Aymos.

What comes to mind when you see Megadrumz and Aymos on a song together? You know it’s a hit. Well, we do too. The talented duo has just returned to the scene with the Piano star on a new entry.

The duo previously gave everyone a thrill when they dropped the album “For Your Soul.” The album housed eleven tracks and featured several hitmakers, including Pholoso, Babii, Ngwatu, Achim, Leon Lee, Mazet, Zanda Zakuza, Vincent Zimu, Nkatha, and Nacely. They all did a fantastic job on it.

The duo, Megadrumz has now returned with a new collaboration with Aymos. The song is titled “Vukani,” and they both did an excellent job on it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice this weekend.


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