Milo & Qhomane – Chelete Ea Makeup

Join us for a piano break as we vibe to what Milo and Qhomane have put together, a number titled “Chelete Ea Makeup,” which you can stream here and number.

It’s the weekend, a time many want to forget about the annoyances of work days and just unwind with good music in the company of their cronies. Well, this bop from Milo and Qhomane makes that an easy walk. Their “Chelete Ea Makeup” carries that weekend energy that would keep you going for a long time.

While the two names on this song might not ring a major as far as South African music goes, they are talented enough to hold their own anywhere. This new sonic beauty from their orbit more than amp[lifies their abilities before those who would listen to them.

Now, what stops you from hearing them out? Go ahead and tap the play button and let the music begin.

Chelete Ea Makeup

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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