Abigail Chams & Marioo – NANI?

Today, Tanzanian sensation Abigail Chams released her first song of 2023, “Nani,” featuring fellow artist Marioo. The catchy track is already making waves across the music scene, with fans praising the catchy lyrics and irresistible beats.

“Nani” tells a tale of love and devotion, with lyrics highlighting the singer’s deep affection for a special someone in their life. The song’s chorus emphasizes the captivating nature of love, as Abigail sings about not being able to eat or sleep without her lover.

The song’s heartfelt lyrics are complemented by Marioo’s smooth vocals, creating a perfect blend that has fans swooning. The track showcases Abigail Chams’ versatility and growth as an artist, and with the collaboration of Marioo, “Nani” is poised to become a chart-topping hit.

Abigail Chams’ latest release comes on the heels of her recent announcement, in which she revealed her collaboration with Marioo on “Nani.” Fans can now enjoy the song in its entirety and embrace the powerful emotions it evokes.

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Listen to “Nani” by Abigail Chams ft. Marioo now and get ready to fall in love all over again.


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