DJ Clen – The Way It Goes ft. Jay Jody, A-Reece & Blxckie

DJ Clen has collaborated with Jay Jody, A-Reece, and Blxckie to release their new single “The Way It Goes.” The song is a fusion of hip hop and amapiano, highlighting the distinctive techniques and abilities of each artist.

In “The Way It Goes,” DJ Clen’s production skills are on full display with a catchy rhythm that blends flawlessly with the artists’ smooth and melodic flows. This dynamic and memorable collaboration features Jay Jody’s signature sound, A-Reece’s emotive lyrics, and Blxckie’s distinctive vocals.

Already, “The Way It Goes” is gathering traction among fans, with many praising the artists’ chemistry and the infectious beat. The song exemplifies the creative force of collaboration and the extraordinary talent of South Africa’s music scene.

DJ Clen, Jay Jody, A-Reece, and Blxckie’s “The Way It Goes” is available on all major music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. The song is certain to be a success with hip hop and amapiano fans, showcasing the innovative and diverse sounds of South African music.

The Way It Goes

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