Shuga Cane – It’s Shuga Not Sugar Album

Shuga Cane – It’s Shuga Not Sugar Album

Here’s a friendly reminder from South African musician Shuga Cane: “It’s Shuga Not Sugar.” Oh, well, there you have the title of his new album, which, hopefully, stirs you to the part of fidelity in spelling his adopted stage name.

Of course, the project isn’t exactly about his adopted stage name. But the title is one of the intriguing aspects of it, and might lure many to check out what the songster has put together.

This amapiano compilation beats ten tracks in all and features some notable voices in South African music, singers and rappers, including Touchline, SafeSax, Rethabile and Boontle RSA. There’s not a song without a guest, which we don’t think is a grand idea. There should at least have been one song in which the songster dropped his bars solo. But that’s by the way.

Shuga Cane – It’s Shuga Not Sugar Album


  1. Shugela ft. Sayfar, Themba Mbokazi & Skillz Iqili
  2. Inhlonipho ft. August Muzika
  3. Gavini ft. Sino Msolo, Hazel Mahazard & SafeSax
  4. Sisi Ngihamba Nawe ft. Kmore SA & Eemoh
  5. Godola ft. Boontle RSA & SafeSax
  6. Thando ft. Themba Mbokazi
  7. Sekwanele ft. Rethabile Khumalo
  8. Ngiyazisola ft. Sandy, Sfundo & Skillz Iqili
  9. Pula (Original Version) ft. Boontle RSA
  10. SMS ft. Touchline, Daskidoh & Taribo West

This compilation is a pleasure to listen to and, therefore, deserving of a place on a playlist. So go ahead and lap up the poetic magic it dispenses. Your soul will thank you for that.

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