Sido & Manana – Change Basadi ft. Stilo Magolide

Sido & Manana drop new song "Change Basadi" featuring Stilo Magolide

Sido & Manana release new song “Change Basadi” featuring Stilo Magolide.

Polokwane duo, are one strong force in the Kwaito and House music scene that keep rising by the day. The two have been in the game for many years now and have dropped some very amazing music, enough to make die hard fans out of us.

Watching them for a while now has been impressive. Their music always seems to evolve with each new drop, and that’s particularly what keeps them on the scene. When they dropped the track “The Punisher” featuring DJ Vantuka last year, it showed they were ready to take charge of their sound and send it far across the country.

We have seen other impressive tunes like “Bruce Lee Starring” and “December Story” featuring Bang DJ from them. They are out this time with a Stilo Magolide feature titled “Change Basadi”. This is undeniably a great listen, and one that would certainly bring a new team of fans their way.

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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