Sun-El Musician Drops To the World & Beyond Album

South African music producer and record label owner Sun-El Musician goes “To the World & Beyond” in a new album which you can stream here on UbeToo.

Before he unveiled the project, he had released a couple of tracks from it, including “Uhuru,” a collaborative work with Azana, “Fire,” a collaborative work with the Kenyan band Sauti Sol, and “Mandinaye,” which featured Vth Season singer Ami Faku.

Other previously release songs from the compilation include “Without You,” a song for which the songster tapped the vocal resources of Miss P and the South African boy band Black Motion, “Ubomi Abumanga” (Ft. Msaki), and “Never Never” (Nobuhle).

“To the World & Beyond” couldn’t have been an accidental title. Here you have Sun-El Musician telling the world where the music has taken him since he manifested in South Africa’s music universe: to the world and beyond.

It is hard to fault the title and even the articulation of the songs in Sun-El Musician’s latest project. The songster beautifully weaves disparate stories and experiences into a splendid whole that is instantly fascinating – something to return to over and over again.

The pleasures of this compilation are limitless, and we encourage you to check it out.

To the World & Beyond

Sun-El Musician

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2020-12-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 31

Download/Tracklist Sun-El Musician To the World & Beyond Album

NO Title Artist Time
1 Ngiwelele (feat. Afriikan Papi & Just Bheki) Sun-El Musician 6:18
2 Kwalula Sun-El Musician, Simmy & Sino Msolo 4:29
3 Goduka Sun-El Musician, Ami Faku & Mthunzi 3:40
4 Superhero Sun-El Musician & Bongeziwe Mabandla 3:11
5 Amasosha Sun-El Musician, Mthunzi & Sino Msolo 3:33
6 Uhuru Sun-El Musician & Azana 4:37
7 Ilanga Sun-El Musician 3:54
8 Never Never Sun-El Musician & Nobuhle 6:06
9 Ithemba (feat. Vernotile) Sun-El Musician 4:28
10 Ubomi Abumanga Sun-El Musician & Msaki 5:33
11 Mandinaye Sun-El Musician & Ami Faku 6:57
12 Without You Sun-El Musician, Black Motion & MissP 5:21
13 Proud of You (feat. Omi Kobi & Sino Msolo) Sun-El Musician 6:27
14 Fire Sun-El Musician & Sauti Sol 3:47
15 Mngani Wami (feat. Lali Boi) Sun-El Musician 5:36
16 Fly Again Sun-El Musician & Kwesta 5:38
17 Abazali Sun-El Musician & Umzulu Phaqa 4:00
18 Salanabani Sun-El Musician, Bongeziwe Mabandla & Claudio x Kenza 5:14
19 Time Wasted Sun-El Musician & Diamond Thug 4:52
20 Lengane Sun-El Musician & Simmy 7:04
21 Buyisa Sun-El Musician & Mandisa 4:02
22 Chasing Summer Sun-El Musician & Claudio x Kenza 7:15
23 Van Damme Sun-El Musician 5:28
24 Love Is Blind (feat. Dafro) Sun-El Musician 8:43
25 Mr Right (feat. El Zintle) Sun-El Musician 4:04
26 Midlife Crisis (feat. Linos Rosetta) Sun-El Musician 7:57
27 Opelenge Sun-El Musician & Niniola 3:57
28 To the World Sun-El Musician 7:43
29 No Drama Sun-El Musician, Mannywellz & Taffy 2:08
30 Call Me Sun-El Musician & Zolani Mahola 3:03
31 Garden Sun-El Musician & Julia Church 4:49

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