Tonique – First Time EP

It is Friday, and we are out here helping ourselves to some musical tonic, courtesy of Tonique. This musician has just released a new compilation titled “First Time” EP. There, you have the tonic, and we urge you to help yourself to it.

With the weekend just hours away, it is feeling like this compilation from Tonique would play a grand role in making the weekend worth it. The compilation is not only a pleasure to hear, but it is also didactic in parts without being unnecessarily soppy.

“First Time” might ring like a first of sorts for the young musician but it is potent enough to arrest the attention of listeners and make them keep their eyes peeled for what next the songster might put together. Not bad, really.

Oh, well, it is time to take another swig from your mug. This tonic from Tonique is something else. We’re not complaining, though.

First Time EP


  1. Tonique – Woza Tonique
  2. Tonique – Numba ft. KayGee The Vibe
  3. Tonique – Location ft. KayGee The Vibe
  4. Tonique & KayGee The Vibe – Speak Lord
  5. Tonique & KayGee The Vibe – The Nation
  6. Tonique & KayGee The Vibe – Isgubu

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