A Bolt Driver Claims Most Of The Drivers On The App Use Fake IDs

The debate about Bolt and its drivers continue, with new twists and interesting turns. You may add experiences.

In a recent tweet, South African disc jockey and radio host MoFlava had noted that a Bolt Driver had popped in his show, The Morning Flava,  where he observed that Bolt drivers are not only untrained, they make it difficult to get a profile.

The said claimed to be using a profile he bought for R400, as his actual profile has been blocked on the platform. The tweet has been liked over two thousand five hundred times and retweeted over one thousand five hundred times at the time of writing.

Bolt was in the comment section of the tweet. First off, the app thanked MoFlava for having that important discussion on his show. However, it dismissed as untrue the claim that Bolt Drivers are untrained.

According to Bolt, all drivers are trained and have to meet specific criteria. Also. According to Bolt, any driver found to be renting a profile is immediately blocked from the platform and not allowed back to it.

The debate about Bolt surged in recent times after a lady was raped and threatened to keep silent by a Bolt driver in South Africa.

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