Actor & Comedian Michael Epps Found with Loaded Gun At Indianapolis International Airport

What would anyone who is not a security personnel be doing with a loaded gun at an airport? And whether a celebrity or not, the question would still be there of what a civilian would be doing with a loaded gun at an airport. That is one question actor Micahel Epps would have to answer, having been found with a loaded gun in his backpack at the airport.

A Smith & Wesson .38-calibre pistol was reportedly found in his luggage and confiscated by federal agents at the Indianapolis International Airport, where he was about to board a flight on Sunday morning.

According to police, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers had discovered the weapon and confiscated it. Epps himself had told the authorities he was unaware that the weapon was in his luggage. Also, though the agents seized the weapon, they did not arrest the actor but let him continue on his flight.

It is unclear where he was travelling to and for what reason at the time the weapon was confiscated from him. Whether charges would be filed against Epps is unclear at this point, as the Marion County prosecutor’s office, where the case has been transferred, would have to determine that

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