Aubrey Qwana Admits To Suffering From Depression, Needs A Hug

Depression is one issue a lot of people contend with, but not all of them have the courage to go public with their affliction. Some keep quiet until they are consumed by depression and end up taking their own lives, leaving their family and friends in the ditch of grief.

South African musician Aubrey Qwana is one man going through the terrors of depression right now. But he is aware of the problem and has spoken about it, creating avenues for him to receive help – as he should.

In a post on his official Facebook page, the songster noted that he felt like running away from life, but he can’t. He admitted he is going through a lot in life and could do with a hug. The message resonated with many of his compatriots, who reached out to him in comments. You can check out the post below.

Many of his compatriots commended him for speaking out about the problem. Some urged him not to give up as better days lie just ahead of him.

Depression is pretty serious and had taken a couple of entertainers from the South African music industry already. HHP and Riky Rick readily come to mind. Best wishes, Aubrey!

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