Ayanda Ncwane Bags Global African Award

wins at the Global African Awards.

Mzansi star and businesswoman was recently honoured at the Global African Awards. This is for her “Outstanding Achievements In Entertainment & Lifestyle”. Ayanda took to social media to show her gratitude for the recognition.

She called being recognized for all her hard work “humbling” and thanked everyone who has supported all her endeavours throughout the years. Ncwane is the CEO of Ncwane Communications, president of Africa Awards, a music executive, and a member of CAPPASSO. Her many accomplishments were listed to honour her.

Fans and fellow celebs took to the comments section to congratulate her on the win. But, of course, the general chorus was that she deserved all the recognition that she had gotten. Ayanda has won several awards for her work as a record label exec and her humanitarian endeavours. A big shout out to her.

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